Chrome Devices

Chrome Sign Builder is a utility that allows you to easily schedule content to be displayed across your Managed Chrome Device network.

Chrome Sign Builder makes it easy to show web content content such as restaurant menus, images, YouTube videos/YouTube playlists as well as assets such as a Google Presentation.

For Kiosks

Configure Chrome devices to power your customer or employee kiosks

For Signage

Get your devices set up for signage. (Any Chrome device can power a display.).

Why Chrome for kiosks and digital signage?

  • Secure – Designed from the ground up with security in mind
  • Easy to Manage – With web-based Chrome Device Management, centrally deploy and manage apps on an unlimited amount of devices
  • Fast– tailor communications on one or thousands of devices from halfway around the world with devices that boot in 5 seconds
  • Enterprise Support – Access to a 24/7 Chrome Management support team