How do you pronounce “Meme”?
Meme rhymes with gene.

Who invented Memes?
Oxford zoologist Richard Dawkins is credited with first publication of the concept of Meme in his 1976 book, “The Selfish Gene.”

What is a Meme ?
A Meme is an idea that is spread from mind to mind much the same way as a virus spreads from person to person.

What is Memeonics ?
Memeonics is a portmanteaux, meaning ‘blend’ – a word formed by combining two other words. Portmanteaux often take a prefix from one word and a suffix from the other. In this case Meme as in ideas and Onics as in the implementation of those ideas.

What is the real Meme in Cloud Computing ?
In an organisational context a Meme must add value. Previously you bought software licenses, computers, training, maintenance and upgrades. You waited years for them to either fix it or make a mess of it.

With Cloud computing and Google Apps you ‘rent’ an App that can be used anywhere by any device. You can shrink or grow without penalties or delays. You can focus on your core business, not trying to make the technology work. !!