Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to learn how to change DNS and handle all that? 

We advise all clients to adopt Google DNS as the most reliable way of serving your web resources to all incoming visitors. (no-one will wait for old antiquated servers / providers to deliver a webpage).

What are the costs?2020-09-02T13:32:34+00:00

$6.00 per person per month (approx £4.60)  with a choice of Flexible where you can add or take away accounts at any time.

Why Should I Seriously Consider Google Apps™ & Cloud based software ?2020-09-02T13:34:00+00:00

This is a paradigm shift;-

  • collaborate in Email, Documents, Calendars seamlessly
  • outsource invoicing, expense management & payments
  • buy enterprise strength email & docs & more for 30 staff for $180 a month.
  • have it all & be up and running in two or three days
  • hire 8 or 80 part-time staff on Tuesday & have them working remotely that afternoon
  • This is somewhere between evolution and revolution !!

Memeonics can quote you for full assessments, deployment, migration, integration, training, handholding and problem solving. Please use our contact form.

Do I have to change my hosting company to Go Google?2016-01-16T14:20:32+00:00

No ..your email is configured completely independently of your hosting and web site.

What are the terms and conditions ?2020-09-02T13:34:37+00:00

When you sign up for your Google account you must accept the applicable Terms of Service, as a fully authorised Google Partner providing your services you are also accepting the Terms & Conditions of Sale at that time.

See Google’s applicable terms.

See the Memeonics Customer Agreement.

How do I contact Memeonics?2016-01-16T14:04:51+00:00

Our preferred mode of communication, in the first instance, is via our Google docs based contact form.


  • forms are 24/7
  • they allow a range of information to be provided automatically
  • they can be routed to the person “on deck” at that moment
  • they help us track our own performance
  • you can complete a form 24/7/365 at your own convenience

Our experience is that email allows us to provide the optimum response, both in terms of speed and in addressing the specific issue or requirement that you may have. We believe email is much superior to a multi step process where you are always talking to a machine who cannot answer your question or query.

What are Apps ?2016-01-16T13:57:24+00:00

Apps is short for Application, in the physical world an example of an expert App could be an iron, it performs a very useful function (if operated by an expert). Another example of a real world App is a spoon, it is robust, easily deployed, has high functionality, is eminently useful and is cheap and cheerful.!

Why Apps ?2016-01-16T13:55:27+00:00

Apps work with your existing set-up, your desktop machine, or tablet, or mobile phone, you do not to add hardware or software. All updating is automatic, you have no worries about downtime or additional costs.

Why Google Apps™ ?2020-09-02T13:35:25+00:00

Google is a truly global company, they deliver 99.9% availability for email processing and 100% virus protection, they securely filter and deliver billions of messages each day. All messaging containing sensitive financial or personal data is protected by industry standard SSL. (Secure Socket Layer) Spam, viruses, harvesting or intrusion is stopped Before it reaches your network.

Watch our 30 second presentation

What can Memeonics do for me, my organization or my company?2016-01-16T13:47:58+00:00

We develop strategic, marketing, technological, product development and value proposition ideas. We will advise you and assist you in deploying Cloud based services and technologies, we will undertake needs analysis, migration, configuration and provide you with ongoing operational support. We will work with you to integrate cloud based technologies into your business processes.

What is the procedure to engage Memeonics?2016-01-16T13:47:08+00:00

discussion – quotation – authorization – initial remuneration – analysis – production – satisfaction – final remuneration

What is this whole Meme business ?2016-01-16T13:43:19+00:00

How do you pronounce “Meme”?
Meme rhymes with gene.

Who invented Memes?
Oxford zoologist Richard Dawkins is credited with first publication of the concept of Meme in his 1976 book, “The Selfish Gene.”

What is a Meme ?
A Meme is an idea that is spread from mind to mind much the same way as a virus spreads from person to person.

What is Memeonics ?
Memeonics is a portmanteaux, meaning ‘blend’ – a word formed by combining two other words. Portmanteaux often take a prefix from one word and a suffix from the other. In this case Meme as in ideas and Onics as in the implementation of those ideas.

What is the real Meme in Cloud Computing ?
In an organisational context a Meme must add value. Previously you bought software licenses, computers, training, maintenance and upgrades. You waited years for them to either fix it or make a mess of it.

With Cloud computing and Google Apps you ‘rent’ an App that can be used anywhere by any device. You can shrink or grow without penalties or delays. You can focus on your core business, not trying to make the technology work. !!

How do I add accounts or manage all this stuff?2016-01-16T13:31:09+00:00

We can provide a fully managed service and will provide you with a full list of things we can do for you and any attendant costs prior to the finalization of your order.

What about Non-Disclosure Agreements?2016-01-16T13:30:11+00:00 Google for Work Partners much of our engagement with Google is subject to NDA and much of the work we do for clients is also subject to Non Disclosure Agreements. We are very comfortable with reciprocal NDA’s.

How much do I have to pay for support on an ongoing basis?2016-01-16T13:22:00+00:00

FREE 24/7 Support
Phone support is available in 13 languages from selected countries 24/7. Email support is also available for Google Apps administrators. Please learn how to find your PIN.
Find the right Support number here. | Where is my Pin?

Are there sending limits?2016-01-16T13:15:26+00:00

Sending limits are as follows, limits may change so it is always advisable to
visit Google support to check current levels here

How is DNS handled?2016-01-16T12:48:45+00:00

We would be delighted to take care of DNS for you and we will use Google DNS if you decide to use Google Apps for Work, this is a FREE service (provided you have less than a billion queries per month).

Please note that your current provider may not allow you to make changes to your records and/or may charge you for changes. We will always tell you and seek your instructions and approval before incurring any costs.

What is DNS2016-01-16T12:46:50+00:00

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the method for managing domain records, in a nutshell it looks up your site, finds the number where it lives (the IP) and then delivers the visitor to that address.

A crucial factor in speed is what is called latency. Google say “Whenever a client needs to query a DNS resolver over the network, the latency introduced can be significant, depending on the proximity and number of nameservers the resolver has to query (more than 2 is rare, but it can happen)”

Read more about DNS on Wikipedia  |  Read more about Google’s DNS service

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